Vegetarian in China



Being a Vegetarian in China can seem like a difficult task in the beginning. You go out to eat with your friends and find meat mixed into your egg fried rice. You ask for the noodles with no soup and are given the soup noodles with the pork broth.  “What the hell!” you think to yourself.  Then you begin to realize that no meat in your dish is rarely an option when eating out. Of course you will find a dish or two that may not have meat. However, the dish you are eating may have been cooked with lard instead of oil.



If you are a strict Vegetarian or Vegan, you will come to learn that your kitchen is your best friend.

You can easily find fresh fruits and veggies anywhere you go.  There are various farmers markets located throughout many city and town streets.  At times, this requires bargaining for a cheaper price.  In the case you don’t want to go through the hassle, as I don’t like to, I suggest the supermarket.  Fruits, veggies, and grain are sold by weight.  Fill up your bag and take it to the lady to stamp and close your bag.  You are all ready for check out!


Here’s a nice little vegetarian lunch my landlord made for me.

All are veggie dishes except one chicken dish you can see the peppers in!